Khaled Fakhra

Business Broker

Business Broker – Khaled Fakhra

Business Broker

Business Broker, Novice Entrepreneur, Commercial pilot & Bachelor of Aviation.. We mean it when we say sky isn’t the limit for this man, it’s the start!


Young, versatile and hungry for knowledge khaled has very much been a vibrant and positive addition to our team.

Having matured in the oil rich deserts of dubai and managing private jet facilities in melbourne. Its safe to say that khaled has always worked with businessmen of high integrity, calibre and net worth. Having seen large amounts of wealth from a younger age, naturally you would expect khaled to become very passionate about business, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Throughout the course of university, flying training and full time managment roles, khaled has always been in business in some way, having successfully owned and operated a variety of businesses and always working on large ones.


Khaled incepted the idea to become a business broker when he came to find out that experts predict 45% of jobs will go to automation by 2030. He concluded that self employment and entrepreneurship will grow at an exponential rate and small business will become the main source of income for a much higher percentage of our workforce.

Call khaled now, and youll understand why we say he is one of our best brokers.

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