Business Broker

Business Broker

Business Broker – Nej Basak

“Nej Basak, one of our youngest and competitive candidates within the brokering world, has introduced his own modern methods in his profession. A broker that has vast experiences in areas of business including engineering, logistics, I.T, management and sales.  The grace of experience and education in these avenues has conditioned his thinking in a clear, open-minded and rational manner.


Nej has an empathetic and understanding nature that stems from his instinctual ability to read human behaviour. This leverage allows him to adapt, connect, communicate and negotiate with his purchasers and vendors effortlessly allowing him to successfully satisfy his clients.


As a natural mediator, the middle child and only son of an Australian-Turkish family, Nej was born finding the middle-ground. His sensitivity, understanding and natural communication skills have given him an advantage in coordinating and facilitating, allowing him to successfully meet his clientele needs.”

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