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Making the right choice when selling a business

Why Choose Us To Sell Your Business


As a business owner who decides to put their business up for sale, you usually have some idea about what you’d like to sell your business for. This is taken into consideration, but at Absolute Business Brokers we will review your business operation and its financial records to sell your business, then use proven techniques to assist you in determining the fair market value of you business in today’s marketplace and sell your business at the best price possible.


Sellers must realize that a buyer will pay for what a business is worth today – not what it might be worth in the future. When you decide to sell your business you need to take into account current market conditions. Absolute Business Brokers will guide you through the time-consuming process of finding the right buyer, negotiating the many details to sell your business, and working closely with the accountants and other parties involved to sell your business and follow through to settlement. We use many different personal interviews with prospective buyers to determine their individual requirements, goals and objectives. We also discuss the financial resources they have available to purchase a business. When doing business with Absolute results are paramount. Absolute is considered to be above the industry standards for reliability and results amongst its peers. Which is why we are the brokers of choice to sell your business.

All information that you provide to Absolute Business Brokers in the process of selling your business is treated with the highest level of confidence at all times.  We pride ourselves on honesty, transparency, integrity and reliability when selling your business.  We do our utmost to ensure that your business has the best chance to be sold quickly, at a great price and without any distress on your part.

Beware of a business broker that says that they already have people on their database waiting to buy a business. More often than not it is a flat out lie used by some to induce you into signing up with them as they are trying to create a sense of urgency suggesting that if you don’t, you will miss out. If you want to test the honesty of business brokers, offer to sign up for 7 days Exclusive Authority only. This is more than enough time for a business broker to produce a purchaser if they are just waiting for your business! Remember your business is not the only one they have, most cases if you have a cafe the business broker will be selling another 10 or more cafe so why is the buyer waiting for your business, doesn’t make sense does it.


You will soon find that they will not accept this arrangement, which means that they were not being entirely honest, and as such gives a business broker a bad name. Can your business broker give you an accurate appraisal for your business in the CURRENT market? Some business brokers give an exaggerated value to impress the vendor to gain their business. Ask them how they came to the value and if they can give examples of previous businesses they sold (keeping in mind privacy laws).

Absolute Business Brokers engages in transactions that require the utmost level of confidentiality, similar to the relationships of Lawyers and Accountants with their clients. We will not discuss any confidential details concerning our agreement to sell your business over the telephone, nor will we give confidential information to potential buyers until they have signed a confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement to sell your business.

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